About Us

We are an IT support company based near Farnham, Surrey. We serve a wide range of clients across a variety of sectors and with a varied level of requirements. We have a team of highly skilled, communicative and motivated IT specialists, who pro-actively support our clients as and when needed.

Established in 1992, Saqqara IT has an unbeatable reputation in the IT support sector. We welcome clients from all market sectors and of all sizes, within the South and South West of England. Customer satisfaction and seamless IT infrastructure is of paramount importance to us and with these goals in mind, we work closely with you to ensure we achieve both.

Our field engineers drive Land Rovers so no matter how remote your location or (heaven forbid) how deep your flood water, we will be able to reach you. Our team have been specially trained to drive in adverse conditions so if you need us, we will be able to reach you quickly and safely.

We aim to be the eyes and ears of your IT function, monitoring your systems 24/7 and often reacting to any issues before they even affect the organisation!

We offer a range of services from remote support to a full IT outsource package, including help with office expansion or relocation and the project management required.