Leach Homes

Leach HomesSaqqara’s response to the request for assistance was to undertake an initial audit and analysis of the current system and to better understand the business needs. Leach Homes decided to outsource their entire IT function to Saqqara, which means that the two parties work together to formulate a robust strategy and plan for the future. In addition to an annual plan and budget, Saqqara attends on site each fortnight.

Saqqara made an immediate impact by replacing the old and unreliable servers and designing and building a new server room complete with power and air conditioning. This also included new data cabling to link the new server room with the main communications cabinet. The head office experiences power surges and cuts, so in order to protect all of their equipment and data Saqqara implemented uninterruptible power supplies (UPS’s) which communicate with all of the servers.

Saqqara provides consultancy services to Leach Homes for new projects, be it new software, systems, hardware and infrastructure. Data cabling was installed in the grade two listed head office building and it was imperative that cabling works were carefully planned and executed to ensure the cables are not visible and that the building suffered no damage.

The IT function includes supporting the many remote workers employed by Leach Homes to fulfil site management and sales functions. Within the infrastructure that Saqqara provides, all external sites are linked back to head office to enable remote workers to access and send any document that they would use in the office. Saqqara ensures that all documentation is backed up and secure; the business conducts the majority of its business on-line and hard copy drawings are mainly obsolete.

Leach Homes said: “We have established a great relationship with Saqqara. They are approachable and hands-on and have transformed our IT infrastructure so that it fulfils our requirements and enables us to get on with our jobs. IT is key to our systems work efficiently in order to serve our customers and Saqqara made it happen.”