Loos for Dos

Loos for DosSaqqara were able to address and implement meaningful solutions swiftly for Loos for Dos and soon became a crucial part of the team, effectively their IT department. This means that Loos for Dos no longer have concerns over their IT network and Saqqara has total responsibility for all of their IT requirements.

Once a secure network was installed, Saqqara was then able to monitor the network remotely and attend on site when necessary. They are able to respond and react immediately to any need that Loos for Dos have and are proactive in their approach.

Saqqara are able to offer scalable solutions and addressed the needs of Loos for Dos, who required a permanent home-working connection to ensure smooth running of the business.

Loos for Dos are based in a rural location in several portacabins and therefore experience power cuts on a regular basis. One of the suggestions that Saqqara made to the business was to install a number of UPS (uninterrupted power supply) for all of the IT kit, thus reducing the possibility of down time and enable time for the generator to provide power if required.

Loos for Dos said: “Our business has historically grown by 23% year on year and we need an IT company who can support us. Our relationship with Saqqara is completely built on trust and we view them as part of our extended team. Saqqara is proactive and will suggest solutions to ensure that we avoid any obstacles that could potentially affect our performance.

“The investment we have made with Saqqara is paramount to the future of our business. They are of great value and perform their work with integrity and great efficiency.”

Loos for Dos are so delighted with the level of service and professionalism of the Saqqara team that they are happy to speak to any potential customers. Please contact us if you would like to do so.