Winter is coming: Protecting your IT against the elements

StormsWith summer behind us our thoughts turn to winter and the risks of high winds, heavy rain and thunderstorms. If you haven’t considered the risks that inclement weather poses to your IT infrastructure, now is the time to put safeguards in place.

Floods or snow

If you’re based in a rural area and the roads are prone to flooding, you may need to deal with limited access to your place of business. This could prevent engineers from reaching you to fix problems on-site. Fortunately, if you’ve got a support contract with Saqqara, this isn’t something you need to worry about.

All of our field engineers drive Land Rovers, so we’re able to cope with just about anything! Of course, this won’t be the case for all of your staff, so it’s a good idea to have some contingency plans in place, and make sure that they’re set up to work from home if necessary.

Power cuts

Not only will all your equipment be out-of-action for the duration of a power cut, but a sudden loss (surge or spike) of power could cause severe damage to the hardware itself and data especially databases such as MS Exchange. The best safeguard against this is an on-line UPS. UPS stands for ‘uninterrupted power supply’ and this emergency apparatus provides power to your equipment when the mains power fails. It can only provide power for a short while, but that’s plenty of time to save your work and shut your device down safely.

A UPS can even be fitted with a comms link to safely shut down the device automatically in the event of a power outage. In an ideal world, all of your devices would be protected by an on-line UPS, but if this isn’t the case, it’s a precaution which should at least be taken with the most critical pieces of your equipment including automatic safe shutdown for unattended systems such as servers and network data storage.

Server room conditions

During extreme weather, it’s important to make sure that conditions in your server room are being controlled effectively. Remote monitoring systems can alert us to any issues with temperature, humidity, air flow and even smoke and flooding. Is your central heating making your server room too hot? Is the rise in environmental humidity posing a threat to your equipment? We can keep an eye on all of these issues remotely to give you peace of mind.

High winds

High winds can lead, in extreme cases, to phone lines and internet connections going down. We can deploy satellite and mobile business broadband systems at short notice if you find your internet connections and phone lines out of action.