SO Television

SO TelevisionAfter carefully assessing SO’s requirements, Saqqara commenced with day to day IT support of the company, understanding that their needs would change depending on productions and reflecting this in their flexible approach.

When Saqqara first looked at the existing IT system, it was evident that SO were not receiving all of their email, in fact 50-60% of email was not being delivered. Once settings were changed, this issue was rectified. Saqqara ensured that all incoming mail was scanned in terms of virus and spam to protect the network, systems and data.

Saqqara created an IT infrastructure which supports all of the laptops, PC’s, servers and location IT. A member of the Saqqara team is on site one day each week to ensure that all of the systems are running smoothly and to provide a proactive approach to the IT support function. Saqqara also provide location IT support for SO as required as different studios and worldwide remote support.

Saqqara has supported two office moves since they started working with the business, most recently in summer 2012, across London from Hatfields to Boundary Row, which needed careful planning and strategic input from Saqqara. Saqqara was on-hand to design, plan and assist with all technical aspects of the move and work with 3rd party suppliers.

SO Television said: “The move was incredibly painless, Saqqara was extremely well organized and had put a great deal of thought and effort in to how to transport the IT function with minimal disruption. Our relationship with Saqqara is built on trust. They suggest the best way to do things and then prove their worth. I can delegate the IT function to Saqqara and trust them to develop our systems so that I can do what I want to do, which is to make TV shows.”