Time to update your phone system?

Gear up your comms: 3CX phone systems for Windows

Time for a new phone system?Does your company’s internal telephone network need an upgrade? An old style PBX (private branch exchange) can be costly and difficult to manage. Here at Saqqara, we can set you up with a 3CX Phone System – a software-based PBX which offers a unified communications solution.

A 3CX Phone System allows you to manage your internal phone network centrally via a web-based management console. You’ll have access to a variety of advanced features including instant messaging, web conferencing, CRM integration and the ability to use your extension via your mobile. Customer service is streamlined with the ability to see who’s calling before you answer, and there’s no longer any need to give out your personal mobile number to clients.

As well as the many benefits to your company’s productivity and customer service, a 3CX system will reduce your call charges and the cost of maintaining and expanding your existing PBX. It’s easy to add and remove extensions, and the licence isn’t limited to a set number of users. Upgrading to 3CX could actually save you up to 80% on your telephone bills.

At a glance: the best of 3CX

• Coming in to “cover the phones” just became a thing of the past. 3CX lets you take advantage of remote working arrangements, allowing employees to answer calls at home and on the go. Unexpected absences and bad weather days aren’t going to cause any more problems.

• Automatically refer your incoming calls. 3CX comes with an “auto-attendant” feature to direct callers to the right department by selecting the appropriate option at the start. Each department can be set up with its own dedicated voicemail, and the messages left can be emailed to the appropriate people immediately.

• A 3CX system will allow you to see if someone’s on the phone without you having to try their number or transfer someone unsuccessfully.

• Updating / expanding / relocating your phone system just got much, much easier. With a 3CX system, all you need is a suitable internet connection, and we can make whatever changes you need quickly and cheaply.

A 3CX system is easy to install, since it doesn’t require dedicated hardware to run. The software can be installed onto your existing server, meaning there are no surprise costs or complications. We can help you to design and implement your 3CX solution, train your staff and provide continuing support to monitor and make changes as required. We can build this into your existing IT support contract, or incorporate it into a new one. Talk to us today about how we can help you to save money and increase your productivity.