Disaster recovery

We want our clients to have safe access to company information at all times.If in the event of an unexpected incident, your data becomes inaccessible, we are able to provide a data retrieval service. Our service also extends to the event of fire or theft or flood and how we would work to get your organisation up and running once more.

We can develop a contingency plan with you to decide upon the best course of action, should your data become compromised. This plan will include how to replace or re-configure your hardware and software. As a matter of course, we recommend our clients invest in a robust back up policy for all data, ensuring that continuation of business practice could continue to some degree with the least possible downtime.

Communication with your staff and customers is of upmost importance in the event of a more serious incident and we can help develop and implement a plan of action. We will support our clients to cope with any eventuality, to deploy necessary resources, equipment, transport and office requirements in order that trading resumes as quickly as possible.