With the majority of organisations increasing the amount of technology it is important to be aware that every computer is a potential host of vulnerabilities. Information security is critical to ensure the success of any organisation. At Saqqara, we take the threat of viruses to equipment and data very seriously and recommend that careful measures are taken to dramatically reduce the risk of harm.

Viruses are the leading internet security threat facing organisations. If your network becomes infected the integrity of your data is put at risk. Possible scenarios that correctly configured anti-virus software will protect you against include:-

  • Corruption of data
  • Deletion of files
  • Forwarding of confidential information to unknown external recipients
  • Hackers gaining unauthorised access due to your network and systems being compromised

The solution in dealing with viruses is to ensure that antivirus software is constantly updated to combat the ever-growing number, frequency and severity of new virus outbreaks. This is because antivirus software can only be as good as the last successful virus update and so should be updated every few hours.

Therefore, we believe the best defence against virus threats is a fully active centrally controlled virus protection system that automatically acquires the latest anti-virus software, updates all appropriate systems and enforces anti-virus software updates.