We understand that 32% of data loss can be attributed to human error (UK DTI). It is possible to rest assured that company data is protected and secure by taking simple measures.

The simplest form of disaster recovery is to ensure a good backup of your data is taken each day and stored in a different location to that of your server. The Saqqara IT Support Disaster Recovery Planning Services begin with the implementation of our suggested programme of daily backup routines and procedures.

To remove the responsibility of manual daily back-ups, we can recommend appropriate backup hardware and software to automate the process.

To further eliminate risk; back-up tapes, drives and remote back-ups can be restored and checked at regular intervals. Automated procedures highlight the status of backups, alerting our helpdesk automatically and a nominated user can be emailed the details, making them aware of the status of the previous backup.

We recommend that any back-up device is not stored at the same location as the data that is being backed-up in case of fire, flood or theft.