Mail archiver

In the modern business environment, the majority of most peoples work involves a large number of daily emails. Typically these are stored in our inbox and we create subfolders which we are able to reference easily. Sometimes, we may mistakenly delete a crucial email. Staff levels fluctuate so we have the need to ensure we have control over their handling of email and to protect the organisation against loss of important email.

With our Mail Archiver system, you can be confident that each and every mail that is sent and received within your network is safely stored. However trustworthy our work teams may be, in the event of unforeseen sickness or leave, we may wish to access emails which allow for effective continuation of job roles and make sure that our customers encounter seamless service and attention at all times.

Personnel are able to recover documents by using a control panel which allows them to undelete an email and has the ability for high level administrators to recover any email which has been deleted, for example if a user had deleted their entire mailbox.