Monitoring services

We operate a 24/7 monitoring service of all of our clients IT systems, giving you peace of mind. For any fault that occurs, monitoring systems alert the team immediately, often before our clients are aware of any incident. We are then able to assess the problem and provide remote assistance in the first instance and on-site support if necessary.

Our monitoring services cover many incidents such as power cuts, internet connection interruptions and issues with servers such as disk space. We can receive alerts if there are certain issues with particular client software packages so that we can begin to resolve issues as quickly as possible, before they escalate into more serious problems.

24 hour monitoring enables our clients to continue with their work without the need for concern over possible IT faults, knowing that Saqqara are ready and waiting to help.

  • All critical events and logs are monitored closely looking for unusual activity which could cause issues, e.g. large amount of e-mails being sent which could indicate  spam
  • Close monitoring of disk space to ensure smooth running of the server
  • Tailored checks to monitor network devices, websites, remote offices and data services where possible
  • Antivirus updates and alerts
  • Daily Back-up checks alerting on failures