Telephone Support

For the times when you experience IT problems, for whatever reason, it is reassuring to know that help is at hand. Most issues can be dealt with remotely and the Saqqara helpdesk is your first point of contact for technical problems. If we are supporting your network, we will have visited your premises and will have a clear impression of how you are set up and the layout of your organisation. This helps us with day to day support. Firstly, your staff will know who they are talking to and not be put off by a faceless call centre! Secondly, we will know your organisation well enough to direct staff by offering practical help – guiding them to equipment in their environment.

We maintain a database containing our client’s equipment and network details for use in these situations which aids a rapid fix as we are aware of how everything fits. We run a specialised call logging system to ensure that problems are resolved professionally and within acceptable time scales.

Depending on the severity of the problem we will then decide how best to deal with the call and ensure the issue is rectified in the shortest amount of time. In any event, we provide a confident and effective helpdesk service to our clients, which:

  • Is an effective and instantaneous first point of contact
  • Ensures all calls are logged on our management database
  • Provides both parties with call history
  • Will arrange site visits in circumstances where helpdesk assistance is not effective